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CMS e107 Plugin - SGallery 2.11

CMS e107 Plugin - SGallery 2.11
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CMS e107 Plugin - SGallery 2.11

Full feature list
CL Gallery is an very old project. It was designed as a simple web image gallery but it was extended in the time in result of the tons of users' feature requests.
CL Gallery current feature list:
Fully customizable - templates and CSS can be altered from the current e107 theme
Integrated phpThumb API
Batch image upload via Windows Publish Tool for both XP and Vista users (multi-language support)
User's albums (filesize limits, visibility/access/gallery permissions, admin approval, 'My albums' area)
Thumb BBcode and AJAX UI - you can use thumb.bb sitewide (you'll need Shadowbox Widget in order to use this feature)
Shadowbox/Lightview Widgets integration - fancy picture preview if Shadowbox or Lightview Widgets are installed, otherwise popup is used
Auto-resized javascript popup for picture preview (phpThumb) - used only if LShadowbox or Lightview Widget is not installed
Auto thumbnailing (on the fly) - full control from the admin area settings
Automated after upload resize options
AJAX administration/front-end less server load
Galleries and Albums description and preview count
Album comments, rating, view counter
Album comments and comment permissions, rating and rate permissions,
Advanced paginate handler - "jump to page" javascript
Album pictures order settings (General Settings - Image Settings)
Image cache - built in thumb caching (phpThumb)
Image Watermark
Integrated in e107 Search - title and description search, advanced search
Search template - overwrite it from the current e107 theme
Integrated in e107 Front page (e107 core administration module 'Front Page')
Integrated in e107 Notify core administration module. Notify admins - on user submit, users - on admin approval
New/Recent albums page/menu
Random/Recent user albums menu (menu template, control over thumb sizes, control over the number of items and random/recent type)
Random/Recent Albums menu - controllable number of items (Admin Area), templates, control over image size, random or recent etc.
Random/Recent Galleries - controllable number of items (Admin Area), templates, control over image size, random or recent etc.
Random Image menu
'Latest pictures' page - list all images sorted by their upload date
Library mode - use image upload/resize manager in your plugins
W3C XHTML compliance